E-mobility solutions

The Exypnos team is grateful to be the Winner of the 2021 CLEPA Innovation Award in the SME-cooperation category for our Solar Roof.

The illustrated VIPV systems are based on the Exypnos superior Added Value Technology, which results in more energy yield, more functional reliability and a cost efficient entry to a wide range of mobility applications.

Exypnos offers protective solutions for battery packs over a thermal interface material and a variety of liquid seals.

Turn key polyurethane pouring units

Exypnos provides you with a turn key installation, equipped with the most advanced functions to make every project possible in the context of polyurethane framing & bonding and component bonding. The entire unit is assembled, installed and started up by Exypnos. Our WST experts and robot programmers are available for fine-tuning your PU casting process.

Added Value Operations (AVO)

Exypnos offers manufacturing activities as ‘Added Value Operations’ for specific prototype and serial production programs. We create added value in an innovative and cost efficient single-step operation that facilitates diverse and complex product assemblies.

Engineering & equipment tailored to the customer

Our experienced team of technical experts designs all molds and tools tailored to your product applications.

Process essentials

Exypnos has a range of process necessities to ensure that your PU casting or bonding process runs smoothly. We offer, among other things, various adhesive systems, custom soft tool profiles, and glue seals.


Our customers are located in mobility, energy and construction sectors. In these industries, our technology is applied to a variety of materials such as glass, polycarbonate, plastic, steel, and aluminum.


With WST technology we provide a future-proof manufacturing method for a new generation of products.


With over 10 years of experience with various framing applications for photovoltaic solar panels, polyurethane framing has more than proven its added value.


In the EU there are 210 million buildings, of which only 75% comply with current energy regulations. Moreover, they will remain inhabited until 2050. With the WST and Component Bonding technology, Exypnos offers manufacturers a solution to comply with the stricter regulations.

Smart Polyurethane Applications

Discover which solutions we can supply in your industry.