Our Technology: WST & WSTplus

Thanks to its patented WST and WSTplus technologies, Exypnos offers a more cost-effective alternative method of applying polyurethane frames to the most diverse products, in both large and small volume runs.


WST and WSTplus applications make it possible to execute polyurethane framing and gluing in a unique or combined fully automated operation, in a single cycle.

Tailor-Made Production Solutions

The Exypnos Systems division offers tailor-made production solutions, either by taking on the complete WST/WSTplus production job or by providing you with the necessary materials to make your WST/WSTplus project a resounding success.


Our customers can be found in the mobility, energy and construction industries as well as the consumer goods industry. The production processes combine various materials, including glass, polycarbonate, plastic, steel and aluminum.


With our WST/WSTplus technology, we aim to provide an expedient manufacturing method for a new generation of products used in various mobility applications. Our objective is to combine miscellaneous product designs, including more complex ones, into a cost-effective manufacturing process to support and further diversify mobility in the future.

Applications vary from different glass systems and electronics integrations to battery cell holders for electric vehicles.


Having accrued more than 10 years’ experience in diverse framing applications for various brands of photovoltaic solar panels, covering both roof-integrated and building-applied versions, polyurethane framing has more than demonstrated its benefits and added value.

The WST application can also be used for solar thermal collectors, in which the collector production/assembly process is combined into a single operation, owing to an aesthetic and functional polyurethane frame that is assembled fully automatically.


In the EU alone, there are 210 million buildings that will remain occupied until 2050, of which only 75% comply with current energy regulations, an issue that represents a huge challenge for the industry.

To remain competitive in the market, a product has to be suitable for cost- and energy-efficient applications and Smart Buildings. WST/WSTplus offers various options for applications in glass, acrylic and polycarbonate.

Consumer Goods

More and more options are becoming available for consumer goods. They are used in both building or mobility applications, or directly by the consumer.

WST/WSTplus aims to make the production of diverse and highly complex product applications more cost-effective.

Smart Polyurethane Applications

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