Exypnos participates in FCA Cleantech Forum 2018

The Cleantech Forum Europe is set to take place in the Flanders Meeting & Convention Centre in Antwerp from 14 to 16 May 2018. It is the annual gathering of European Corporates, SMEs, Venture Funds and investors focused on Cleantech.

Because of the concept of its unique technology, Exypnos fits in perfectly with one of the conference topics: “Green Industrial Internet of Things” (Green IIoT).  Johan Van Dyck will co-host a workshop in conjunction with like-minded entrepreneurs in this field and present his vision of how Exypnos makes a success of the match between Cleantech and Industry 4.0.

Thanks to its patented WSTplus technology, Exypnos can offer its customers the opportunity to trim down their existing multistage production process into a single energy- and cost-effective stage, in which the silicone moulds used in their process are based on a circular business model. Durability is a key aspect of the Exypnos strategy: the composition of the silicone moulds we develop and produce is optimised to ensure that, when used with a more environmentally friendly water-based solvent, they have a much longer service life.