EOS: Digital data management that meets your needs

The Exypnos Operating System (EOS) is the ideal basis for the digital transformation of your polyurethane pouring process. It offers you all the features that you need for the efficient organization and cost-effective optimization of your production flow.

EOS informs you and keeps you up to date based on online process data. The vertical integration of captured information, starting from the WSTPE unit to the relevant users, will create a new insight in your production process.  Feedback and key figures related to the unit, raw material level, output and production quality will be immediately available.

You will have maximum transparency! All steps in your PU pouring process are monitored. Precise information allows you to make correct analyses and prompt decisions. EOS will make the manufacturing of your products in the WSTPE unit even more flexible and more efficient.

By using EOS you are ensured of a high level of support through direct and integrated data exchange with the Exypnos service center.

We will support you on your way to a smart PU pouring process!

If you want extra information about the possibilities of the EOS system, do not hesitate to contact us at engineering@exypnos.be.