Exypnos proud to be part of Lightyear’s research vehicle project

Lightyear presents Research Vehicle – Exypnos proud to collaborate

The drive for innovation and smart manufacturing is the core of our success! In this view Exypnos gladly presents our cooperation with Lightyear, offering the longest range and most sustainable commercial EV.

Exypnos designed the polyurethane encapsulation for Lightyear’s VIPV pilot project made especially for the Tesla Model3. It is a fully roof-integrated solar PV panel, with plug-in assembly method, creating the perfect esthetical and functional fit with its windshield and backlight.

The polyurethane encapsulation does not only shape that perfect vehicle fitting, it will secure the performance of the VIPV system over lifetime by acting as moisture barrier and protect the laminated PV package.

By using our WST low pressure polyurethane pouring technique for glass with PU encapsulation, Lightyear was able to design the VIPV product with a minimum in glass thickness, without any risk for breakages during the WST process that is performed at Exypnos in Belgium.

We are excited and delighted to partner up with Lightyear and set the path for a future generation of VIPV lightweight and high performance products!

“Maybe Tesla could learn something from Lightyear’s project because this integration looks extremely good.”
(source: Electrek magazine)


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