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A cast piece of history

Johan Van Dyck and Stijn Langie were both involved in the WST / Window Spray Technology application at Recticel in 2005. A few years after the market launch with projects for Opel and Volvo, in 2009, BASF became the new patent owner and also the global polyurethane system manufacturer for this application. Johan Van Dyck founded Exypnos in May 2013 as a WST application spin-off, which was the start of a new generation of WST applications.

Under the Exypnos flag, WST technology knew various mold and process improvements in the following years, resulting in new innovative and improved polyurethane casting applications. Later, in 2013, an additional WST mold application was patented by Exypnos: WSTplus technology. On the basis of this casting technique, Exypnos entered into a 5-year close partnership with Webasto, the world market leader in the field of roof systems in the automotive industry. Immediately a successful pilot project was started and in 2014 this resulted in a worldwide technology release with subsequent series projects in Shenyang.

Since 2018, Exypnos has further evolved into the market leader for WST technology integrations with various applications in both Europe and China, in the automotive industry but also with applications in the energy and construction sector.

A framed vision without limits

The Exypnos quality label stands for excellent guidance, starting from product level to the turn key integration of our state-of-the-art production solutions for various polyurethane casting applications, completely in the management of one central partner.

Our expertise includes both process and robot engineers, as well as mold and equipment technicians who ensure the entire process from product concept to the start-up of the WSTPE unit in your production.

Optionally, Exypnos can have your WSTPE unit connected to your Industry 4.0 process, thanks to the Exypnos Operating System (EOS) software extensions.

Contact us for an introduction and an informative conversation. Challenge us to tackle your polyurethane framing or component anchoring issue! We are eager to inform you in detail about all the solutions that Exypnos has to offer!

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