Exypnos wins 2021 CLEPA Innovation Award in the SME Corporation category

Overwhelming news that the Exypnos team is awarded as 2021 CLEPA – European Association of Automotive Suppliers –  Innovation Award Winner in the SME Corporation category!

Exypnos enables the rise of Integrating Photovoltaic Systems for Mobility.

Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaic Systems, in short VIPV have one mission:  the capture and utilization of the pure, free and inexhaustible energy coming from the sky above.

The illustrated VIPV systems are based on the Exypnos superior Added Value Technology, which results in more energy yield, more functional reliability and a cost efficient entry to a wide range of mobility applications.

The Solar Roof and Solar Hood have the ideal solar orientation and give EV car owners the freedom to add the convenience of increased range and decreased dependence on the grid, and improve the sustainability of EVs. An EV with Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaic promises more convenience, more autonomy, and less environmental impact to consumers.

The Exypnos Added Value Technology is being used in several different mobility applications, and we also target applications in the construction and greenhouses industry. The Technology offers unique solutions for solar PV Integration as we do for the Lightyear One Solar Vehicle, and is furthermore compatible for trailers, including trucks and busses and also boats/yachting.

Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaic is the clean, green and highly effective energy solution shaping e-mobility for generations to come!

Read the full article & watch the video presentations of the winning projects on the CLEPA website: https://clepa.eu/mediaroom/clepa-innovation-awards-showcasing-the-future-of-mobility/