Polyurethane Pouring Units

16 May 2019

Currently, the final touches are being made to perfecting the first WSTPE unit. The countdown to the long-awaited unveiling can begin! (more…)

12 March 2019

The Exypnos Operating System (EOS) is the ideal basis for the digital transformation of your polyurethane pouring process. It offers you all the features that you need for the efficient organization and cost-effective optimization of your production flow. (more…)

5 February 2019

As a forward-thinking company, Exypnos strives for continuous performance improvement of Polyurethane Framing & Encapsulation and/or Component Bonding solutions.

We have used our knowledge, experience and drive to redefine the existing systems and to launch the innovative Exypnos Polyurethane Pouring Unit, shortly called Exypnos WSTPE Unit. (more…)

7 January 2019

What better way to welcome the New Year than to embark on a new exciting chapter as Exypnos takes its first steps into unveiling the innovative “Polyurethane Pouring Units”. The Exypnos units will open for you the doors of operational excellence! (more…)