Products & services

Exypnos delivers production solutions tailored to the customer. In this context we carry out the feasibility study of your production request and we take care of your prototype programs in-house. Exypnos provides you with the technology and all necessary machines to ensure that your production process with PU runs optimally, in accordance with the stated scope.

Turn key polyurethane pouring units

Exypnos provides you with a turn key installation, equipped with the most advanced functions to make every project possible in the context of polyurethane framing & bonding and component bonding.

Added Value Operations (AVO)

Exypnos offers manufacturing activities as ‘Added Value Operations’ for specific prototype and serial production programs. We create added value in an innovative and cost efficient single-step operation that facilitates diverse and complex product assemblies.

Engineering & equipment tailored to the customer

Our experienced team of technical experts designs all molds and tools tailored to your product applications.

Process essentials

Exypnos has a range of process necessities to ensure that your PU casting or bonding process runs smoothly. We offer, among other things, various adhesive systems, custom soft tool profiles and glue seals.

Smart Polyurethane Applications

Discover which solutions we can supply in your industry.