Added Value Operations (AVO)

Exypnos offers manufacturing activities as ‘Added Value Operations’ for specific prototype and serial production programs. We create added value in an innovative and cost efficient single-step operation that facilitates diverse and complex product assemblies.

The Exypnos engineering team operates in close cooperation with our customers to define product design possibilities and to safeguard the production and quality performance.

Exypnos masters and implements the ‘WST’ or ‘WSTplus’ polyurethane edge framing technologies and the ‘Component Bonding’ in a wide range of applications.

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Our production facility can manage products up to 2.500mm in size, handling various types of glass and plastics.


PU Framing and Potting of electronics

Vehicle Integrated PV (VIPV)

PU Framing & Gluing of several components

Automotive Sun Roof systems

PU Framing and metal bracket Integration

Solar PV Roof

Exypnos facilitates Technology and AVO operations for solar VIPV integration

Polyurethane framing technology for complex shaped glazing and plastics, reducing product design and shape restrictions.

Thanks to the power of the sun, the dream of driving longer with less energy from the grid is a reality

Exypnos designed the aesthetical and functional polyurethane framing for Lightyear’s VIPV (Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics) pilot project made especially for the Tesla Model3, creating the perfect fit with its windshield and backlight.
The polyurethane framing does not only shape that perfect vehicle fitting, it will secure the performance of the VIPV system over lifetime by acting as moisture barrier and protect the laminated PV module. By using our WST low pressure polyurethane pouring technique, Lightyear was able to design the VIPV product with a minimum glass thickness, without any risk of breakages during the framing process performed at Exypnos in Belgium.

Lightyear Research Vehicle 006 – VIPV integration project by Exypnos

Smart Polyurethane Applications

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