E-mobility solutions

With our wide range of technologies and know-how, Exypnos is the partner of choice for solutions in the automotive industry and especially for E-Mobility.

We protect the battery packs in electric cars with a thermal interface material and a variety of liquid seals.

Exypnos enables the rise of Integrating Photovoltaic Systems for Mobility. Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaic Systems, in short VIPV have one mission:  the capture and utilization of the pure, free and inexhaustible energy coming from the sky above.

We also offer contract manfacturing services for your E-Mobility solutions from prototyping to small and large scale production.

Exypnos’ Battery System Technology

Thermal Propagation Prevention for Battery Systems


Fully automated application of a polyurethane foam to prevent thermal runaway propagation

Key benefits of the material

  • UL-94 V0 approved
  • Light weight low density foam material (semi-rigid)
  • Solvent and silicone free
  • Halogen free

Battery Pack Liquid Foam Gasketing


Formed in place foam gasket (FIPFG) made of polyurethane or silicone for battery packs

Key benefits of the FIPFG

  • Light weight / low density material
  • Reopenable (easy maintenance)
  • Fast curing
  • Customer modifications possible
  • Flexible in fully automated inline productions
  • High precision application, also for complex outlines

Automatic production cell


Liquid foam gasketing and thermal propagation prevention for battery packs

Key benefits

  • Production volume up to 50.000 per year
  • Inline product measuring system (laser system)
  • Automatic dispensing of foam systems
  • Custom product handling systems

Solar Mobility Technology

Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaic

Solar PV panels

The innovative Exypnos Technology transforms Solar PV panels into cost-efficient and improved Solar Mobility products. Thanks to the power of the sun, the dream of driving longer with less energy from the grid is a reality.

The Exypnos technology offers unique solutions for solar PV integration for EVs, light weight trailers, trucks and busses and boats/yachting.

Solar Roof and Hood

The Solar Roof and Solar Hood have the ideal solar orientation and give EV car owners the freedom to add the convenience of increased range and decreased dependence on the grid, and improve the sustainability of Solar Mobility, in short SEV.

Our services

Design & engineering of the solar PV vehicle integration

PV solar system architecture (hardware & software)

Added value production operations framing and component

Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaic systems are part of the future of E-mobility, with a mission to capture and use the energy from the sun instead of only charging over an inefficient grid.

Exypnos designed the aesthetical and functional polyurethane framing for Lightyear’s VIPV (Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics) pilot project made especially for the Tesla Model3, creating the perfect fit with its windshield and backlight.

Lightyear Research Vehicle 006 – VIPV integration project by Exypnos

Smart Polyurethane Applications

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