Turn key polyurethane pouring units

Exypnos has the answer to your Lean Manufacturing objectives! We design and install sustainable and cost-efficient turn key production units that offer the solution for your company. The Exypnos engineering team comes in at a very early stage in the product design process and supervises the project up to and including implementation.

Key features


  • Online process data
  • User-friendly and well-arranged interface
  • High-performance software with remote access
  • Vertical integration of captured data
  • Immediate availability of key data regarding unit, raw material levels, output and production quality


  • Efficient answer to both product and volume variation
  • Easy change of molds
  • Mold dimensions can vary from 500 mm to 2500 mm

Unique advantages of the Exypnos PU pouring unit:

  • The same process for both framing of a product and bonding of various components to this product
  • Identical polyurethane material for both production operations

Polyurethane framing and bonding workstation

  • Low pressure PU dosing unit
  • Sustainable robot unit
  • User-friendly 6-axis robot for flawless movement of the PU mixing head
  • Mold carrier
  • CE marking

Component bonding workstation

  • PU dosing unit
  • 6 axis robot for PU mixing head
  • Multi cavity product station
  • CE marking

Extending workstation to full production line

Smart Polyurethane Applications

Discover which solutions we can supply in your industry.