Expertise in various sectors

Polyurethane is a true all-rounder that is increasingly being used in alternative production solutions in various industrial sectors. This polymer is very versatile. It is light in weight and is durable.
Our customers are mainly located in the mobility, energy and construction sectors. Various materials such as glass, polycarbonate, plastic and aluminum are used in their production processes.


With WST technology we provide a future-proof manufacturing method for a new generation of products.


With over 10 years of experience with various framing applications for photovoltaic solar panels, polyurethane framing has more than proven its added value.


In the EU there are 210 million buildings, of which only 75% comply with current energy regulations. Moreover, they will remain inhabited until 2050. With the WST and Component Bonding technology, Exypnos offers manufacturers a solution to comply with the stricter regulations.

Smart Polyurethane Applications

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