In the construction sector, many products are provided with a frame or frame. Think of bumps to protect building products (stained glass windows, doors, etc.), seals against moisture or dirt (glass domes, laminate, …) or mounting parts.

Our technology offers great flexibility in design freedom, which is important for construction products where aesthetics, in addition to functionality, are a priority.

Thanks to a sophisticated mold / production concept, a wide range of product dimensions can be treated with the same set-up. For building applications, where there is still a lot of custom work and there are often many product variants, this is an absolute added value.

In addition to great design freedom with regard to the frame, our technology offers the possibility to integrate components such as hinges, fixing points or even electronics in the polyurethane frame. More components can be attached to the construction product during the same process step via bonding and / or anchoring, using the identical PU material.

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