Component Bonding technology

The Exypnos Component Bonding technology is an innovative way to attach a component to a substrate, by using different types of highly reactive adhesive systems.

Component Bonding technology

Innovative polyurethane anchoring

The component to be attached is positioned and sealed on the substrate such that when the reacting polyurethane is poured through the provided openings in the component, a shape is created that anchors the element.

This technology makes prior surface treatment superfluous and ensures that the choice of materials that can be glued is unlimited.

Casting without pressure makes it possible to position the parts to be glued very precisely and the highly reactive polyurethane glue has an exceptionally short curing time.


1. Panel 2. Polyurethane 3. Component to be bonded 4. Nozzle 5. Seal

Mechanical anchoring

  • Surface pretreatment substrate is unnecessary
  • Unlimited choice of materials
  • Reliable, extremely precise connections

Various polyurethane adhesive systems

  • From flexible to very rigid
  • Potlife customized
  • Specific properties depending on the application

Glue seals

  • Avoid loss of glue / post-processing
  • Optimized material composition for long service life

Smart Polyurethane Applications

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