WST technology

Polyurethane framing and bonding in one operation! Exypnos offers you high-quality technology to apply polyurethane seals to the most diverse products in a cost-efficient way.

WST is the core technology

WST technology

The polyurethane frame is cast on the product in a completely open mold. This pressure-free and stress-free casting process uses a flexible mold or “soft tool” which makes it possible to provide products with large form tolerances with a close-fitting seal. In technical terms, this is called flushing glazing.

The synchronous robotized movements of the dosing head and of the mold ensure that the polyurethane is applied in the perfect and desired shape.

The WST technology offers high flexibility in terms of product dimensions and a not unimportant additional advantage are the budget-friendly molds. The possibility of performing both framing and gluing with identical polyurethane material during the same process also makes it a cost-efficient technology.


1. Upper mold structure 2. Nozzle 3. Slider – mold structure 4. Soft Tool 5. Lower mold structure 6. Panel to be framed 7. Polyurethane


1. Upper mold structure 2. WSTplus profile 3. Nozzle 4. Slider – Mould structure 5. Soft tool 6. Lower mold structure 7. Polyurethane 8. Panel to be framed

WSTplus technology

With this technique, an additional flexible profile, the “WSTplus profile” is used in a semi-closed cavity. This opens temporarily by means of a spray nozzle and closes again after applying the polyurethane.

Very narrow dimensional tolerances can be maintained – also at the rear – and additional functionalities, such as raised ribs and spacers, are immediately cast in polyurethane.

The “WSTplus profile” is brought into position and held by the upper mold half, which can also position all kinds of integrations with very high accuracy.

This technology is suitable for performing the same process during both the framing of a product and the gluing of various components on the same product with identical polyurethane material.

Combined and cost-efficient technology

  • Framing & gluing in the same production step
  • Simplified logistics flow
  • Drying times shorter than 60 seconds thanks to reactive polyurethane system

Pressure-free polyurethane casting process

  • Dynamic mixing under low pressure
  • Accurate dosing volume
  • Wide range of options for casting flow

Unique “soft tool” technology

  • No glass breakage
  • Allows to work with thin and lightweight glass
  • Perfect polyurethane A surface / flush glazing
  • Texturization options

Smart Polyurethane Applications

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