Expertise in various Industries

Our customers can be found in the mobility, energy and construction industries as well as the consumer goods industry, in which various materials such as glass, polycarbonate, plastic and aluminum are also combined in production processes.

Mobility Industry

Our applications in the mobility industry are diverse and range from glass or polycarbonate systems to photovoltaic systems with electronics integrations.

Our existing customers in the automotive industry include Webasto, a roof system manufacturer and market leader in this field.

WST/WSTplus technology also facilitates applications for battery cell holders for electric vehicles.

The Exypnos Engineering team is a proactive partner in defining the right match between product and technology – and secures a project-based implementation, after which our customers or Exypnos Systems handle the WST/WSTplus production.

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Energy Industry

The reinforcement and protection of solar energy products – thermal or photovoltaic – primarily relies on the use of extruded profiles.

With WST/WSTplus technology, Exypnos can offer an innovative and cost-effective polyurethane-based alternative.

It can be used for building applied systems (BAPV), in which the solar panel is mounted on an existing structure and the polyurethane frame acts as a protective border and reinforcement, where applicable with incorporated fixing options. However, our technology can also offer alternatives for roof-integrated systems (BIPV), in which WST/WSTplus provides the flexibility to design an aesthetic and functional solution.

The BASF WST polyurethane system complies with the standard requirements for solar applications.

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Construction Industry

Many products in the construction industry are equipped with a frame, e.g. as a protective edge for the product (glass windows, doors, etc.), to act as a seal against moisture or dirt (skylights, laminate, etc.), or as an assembly component.

Because of the often limited range of standard products, RIM or ‘injection moulding’ – in which a separate mould is required for every product dimension – is often not economically feasible to fit these products with a suitable frame.

In such cases, traditional solutions with extruded profiles tend to be used, with the associated limitations in terms of design.

WST/WSTplus does have this flexibility. Because of its smart mould/production concept, WST/WSTplus can handle a wide range of product dimensions using a single set-up. This is an absolute bonus for construction applications in which tailor-made solutions and many product variables are still required.

In addition to providing extensive flexibility in terms of frame design, WST/WSTplus also makes it possible to incorporate components such as hinges, fixing points or even electronics into the polyurethane frame. Furthermore, during the same process, additional components can be glued and/or anchored to the building product using the same PUR material. This means that the WST/WSTplus process offers exceptional added value for the product in question.

Because of the need for a long lifespan, these building products require durable framing materials. Having accrued many years of experience with UV exposure in automotive applications, Exypnos can also apply this expertise when selecting the right WST PUR material for the construction industry.

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Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods Industry

More and more consumer goods are being used in construction and automotive applications which are becoming increasingly intelligent. The possibilities are growing and becoming more dynamic, which is setting new manufacturing challenges.

Exypnos combines various delicate and more complex product designs with a cost-effective manufacturing process by using the advantages of WST/WSTplus polyurethane.

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Smart Polyurethane Applications

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